Dry Ice Blasting Service -  Established in 1995


Printing Applications

Sheet-Fed, Flexo or Central Impression

Whether you are a press rebuilder or high production printer, Cryo Services can clean you press equipment in less time than it would take your personnel using gallons of hazordous chemicals and scrapers.

Traditional cleaning methods involve strong solvents that must be collected and treated. In addition the scraping and chipping action of hand tools can destroy press parts. Dry ice cleaning not only eliminates these hazards, but reduces cleaning time and procuces a cleaner press.

CRYO SERVICES dry ice cleaning method effectively cleans:

Side Frames, Gripper Bars, Delivery Units, Anilox Rolls, Ink Pumps, Dryer Boxes, Drip Pans, Coaters, Fountains and Ink Trays.

In the CORRUGATED and SOLID FIBER BOX industry we have removed ink, glue, starch and wax from flexos, corrugators, print downs, die cutters and single facers.

Price estimates can be given over the phone.

Press Before Dry Ice Cleaning

Press After Dry Ice Cleaning