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Our F-16A rental program has helped us develop the most rugged, dependable unit on the market. No on-board computers or digital displays that don't hold up to industrial, contractor and commercial use.  Total cost of ownership is the lowest in the industry.  If we have sourced a part from Grainger, McMaster-Carr or MSC we include their PN in our manual. 

Longest warranty in the industry - 2 Years Parts & Labor

Never buy another ice blast unit.  We offer total repair, with warranty included, for under 65% of new.  

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CRYO SERVICES manufactures dry ice blasting (CO2 cleaning) systems that utilize dry ice pellets for a wide range of cleaning applications.

What is Dry Ice Blasting??
Special, extruded, dry ice pellets are accelerated through a blast nozzle and sublimate (turn from solid to a CO2 gas) upon impact with the surface being cleaned.

The process is similar to sandblasting without the abrasive effect. The procedure is moisture free, non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-corrosive, non-flammable, worker friendly and most importantly, generates no additional residue to dispose of.

Dry Ice Cleaning Applications:

Electrical - stator and rotor windings, DC armatures & pole rings, switchgear and transformers.

Automotive - robot weld cell fixtures, engine bays and car undercarriages.

Food - general cleanup with disinfectant properties.

Fire, Water & Mold Restoration
- removes smoke and mold from wood and steel surfaces.

Printing - cleaning of printing press side frames, gripper bars, roll ends, anilox rolls, delivery units and ink pumps.

Pulp & Paper - motor/generator windings, dryer cans, rolls and paper machine structures.


  Model F-16A Manufactured by Cryo Services

Cryo Services recognized that the market needed a dry ice blasting system that was totally reliable with maintenance parts pricing that is reasonable.

Our Model F-16A is easy to operate and maintenance friendly. Designed on the premise of Keeping It Simple, the F-16A is built with maximum up time in mind. Wear part (air lock) replacement intervals are in excess of 1000 hours. Most replacement parts can be obtained from your local Grainger, McMaster-Carr or MSC outlet. We even put the cooresponding PN in our manuals.

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Contact Information:

Steve Bryson, President

Cryo Services LLC Memphis, TN

Office 901-277-0897

E-mail: sbryson@cryoservices.com 


Industry Standard 3mm (1/8") Rice Pellets