Dry Ice Blasting Service -  Established in 1995


Model F-16A Specifications
Dimensions 21"W x 38"L x 31"H
Weight 150 lbs
Input Pressure 40-175 psi
Input Volume 140 cfm
Ice Capacity 75lbs
Ice Consumption 30 - 180lbs/hr
Electrical 120vac @ 7 Amps or all pneumatic

Each ice hopper is fully insulated. This reduces moisture, due to condensation, in the bottom of the hopper thus eliminating freeze ups. All units are provided with an pneumatic thumper that strikes a plate attached to the hopper providing steady ice flow to the blast nozzle. Some manufacturers' ice blasters use a continuous low frequency vibrator to perform this operation usually resulting in clumping and bridging of the dry ice in the hopper



Available Nozzles Based on Your Cleaning

Needs and Compressed Air Source.

We Have a Rental Unit Available For any Application