Model F-16A Specifications
Dimensions - 21"W x 38"L x 31"H
Weight - 150 lbs
Input Pressure - 40 - 150 psi
Input Volume - 70 - 140 cfm
Ice Capacity - 75lbs
Ice Consumption - 30 - 180lbs/hr
Electrical - 120vac @ 7 Amps or all pneumatic.

Each system comes with 25' of low temperature resistant blast hose, 50' of air hose or most aggressive blast nozzle and ice fragmentor for delicate surface cleaning.

Each ice hopper is fully insulated. This reduces moisture, due to condensation, in the bottom of the hopper thus eliminating freeze ups. All units are provided with an pneumatic thumper that strikes a plate attached to the hopper providing steady ice flow to the blast nozzle. Some manufacturers' ice blasters use a continuous low frequency vibrator to perform this operation usually resulting in clumping and bridging of the dry ice in the hopper.

                               Try Before You Buy Program

Try our F-16A for one month.  If satisfied, we will apply one months rental toward the purchase price and send you a new unit.   Applies to new customers only.  1 Month equals 4 weeks.  Freight charges are the customers responsibility.



 Our Series 15 Unit 

 This unit utilizes as little as   15 cfm of air volume. To do   this we have designed a   controlled particle size   chamber.  As the ice flows   out of the hopper we crush   it to one of three different   user specified pellet sizes:   2mm, 1.5 mm or 1mm in   diameter. Designed mainly   for small, in shop, cleanup   jobs the hopper holds 10 lbs   of dry ice. First introduced   in the late 90's by Jim   Becker, with Cryogenesis-USA, Cryoservices sold their first unit to a farm implement, seat manufacturer in 2015.  Call for details.

Cleaning Applications 

Shop tools, auto motor and interior detailing, electronic, computer & circuit boards or any delicate surface.

See the Series 15 in Action

Engine Bay Cleaned with Series 15

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                  Our innovative Sno-Blast System